‘Haltime’ Tour Dates!

6 Oct

Starting next week I’ll be touring my debut album ‘Halftime’ across the UK! This comes with generous funding from Jazz Services and Arts Council England, a huge thank you to them for their contribution to my first tour!

You can find all the details below of cities and venues…..hope to see you there!

9th October – Churchills Snooker Club, 20 Stephenson St, Birmingham, B2 4BJ. £5, 8:30pm.

(featuring Phil Robson – Guitar, Nick Jurd – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)

11th October – *Album Launch* – King’s Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG. £9.50, 6:30pm. Book tickets for event and the rest of the Whirlwind Festival here:

(featuring Phil Robson – Guitar, Mark Lewandowski – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)

13th October – The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle, NE1 1RQ. £6, 8:15pm. A Splinter Jazz event, listings found here:

(featuring Tom Ford – Guitar, Calum Gourlay – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)

16th October – The Jazz Bar, 1A Chambers St, Edinburgh, EH1 1HR. £7/£5, 9pm. Listings can be found here:

(featuring Simon King – Guitar, Calum Gourlay – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)

17th October – Glasgow Art Club, 185 Bath St, Glasgow, G2 4HU. £7/£5, 8pm. Listings can be found here:

(featuring Simon King – Guitar, Calum Gourlay – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)

21st October – The Prince of Wales, 85 Cambridge St, Birmingham, B1 2NP. Free entry, 9pm.

(featuring Tom Ford – Guitar, Nick Jurd – Double Bass, Jim Bashford – Drums)


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Album Launch and Whirlwind Festival

19 Aug

So as you saw on my home page, my album artwork is finally finished, featuring photography from Pippa Evans. I’m also very happy to say that I will be having the official launch of my album ‘Hafltime’ on the 11th of October at King’s Place, London. The album, featuring the great Phil Robson on Guitar, Calum Gourlay on Bass and Jim Bashford on drums, will be officially released on October 28th, but if you would like a sneak preview then please come along! I will also touring across the UK in October so if you’re not in London then keep an eye out as I may be coming your way!

The launch is going to be a part of the Whirlwind Recordings first ever festival, featuring a massive amount of music spread over three days, Oct 10th – 12th, from a selection of the artists on the label. You can book tickets to my album launch here, and can find the full festival line up and dates on the Whirlwind Recordings website. There are also festival passes and day passes available  but in limited numbers so take a look here to get them quick.

You can also see my album page which is also up on the Whirlwind website.

More to come soon,


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1 Mar

So it’s been a crazy couple of months!

I’ve finally recorded my album for Whirlwind Recordings and it was a blast. The studio was amazing, thank you to Dick Hammett for having us, and to Michael Janisch for all your expertise.And a BIG thank you to Phil Robson, Calum Gourlay and Jim Bashford who’s super talents meant we got the album recorded in ONE day!


Since then it’s all been go. The album is ready to be sent over to New York to be mixed and mastered and I’m about to start work on the cover artwork. I’ve also named it (but I can’t tell you yet!) and am in the process of organizing my first tour for the band, exciting.

In other news, Whirlwind Recordings are doing some stuff too. There is a new jam session starting at Pizza Express, Soho, hosted by Whirlwind artists, starting on Friday the 8th of March and every Friday after that. It’s going to feature the house band of our choice plus some amazing visiting artists, so it should be a wicked night. You better save money for a cab though, it’s a late one! You can read more about it here. Seen as I have just moved to London, I thought I would throw myself in there so you will be able to come hear me lead the house band on a number of different nights from April through to October.

Ok, I’m done for now. Before you go, do check out the new photos on my Photos page, taken by the lovely Stephen Jay.


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Website updated

1 Mar

Sorry to anyone who has come on my website in the last day or so and had nothing to see…….it has now been updated!

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